Release Your Girl + Step

Fully Into Your Woman

You can be 50 years old and still be in your "girl" and 25 years old and actively be in your "woman". God's original idea for you is to be fully woman, but do you know what that means? Girls get Girl results, while a Woman receives results worthy of a WOMAN. 

Learn how to intentionally shift from your girl to your woman God's way, and begin receiving the exceedingly, abundantly, above blessings God has for you when you align with His idea for you as a WOMAN.

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Learn How To Move Into Your Woman and Receive the RESULTS You've Been Missing

In this masterclass, I'll share the basic groundwork for moving from being in your "girl" to being in your "woman" according to God's original idea for you. You'll discover the keys that spiritually mature women know, and being receiving the results they receive. 

Learn the Difference Between BEing in Your Girl vs. Woman

You can't achieve it if you don't know the basics. Gain the foundational understanding of BEing a Girl vs. a Woman.

Understand What Women Receive and How You Can Access MORE

You know a deeper knowledge is needed, because you've always been a woman who wants MORE. Get the knowledge now.

Make the Move More Deeply Into Your God-Given Woman Energy

Once you know better and can BE better, you begin DOing better. Learn how to make the necessary moves into your Woman.


What Other Women Are Saying

  • “If you want more for yourself, this Masterclass will definitely help get you there. When I started…I lacked direction. By separating my life using Erin’s method, this process redirected my ability to truly get a grasp on my full life. I am forever grateful for this process and I will be doing this every year!”

    Maria Antoinette

    Memphis, TN

  • “What surprised me was that after 5 years of marriage at that time to my husband and 3 boys, my husband told me “Yes baby, you’re the center of our home, you bring us JOY!” The men in my immediate circle have shared professions of love for me that they’ve never shared before…I feel so warm and bubbly inside!”

    Nekia A.

    Atlanta, GA

  • “Early 2019, I worked with Erin, and she helped me unlock my desires and manifest goals in my finances, business, marriage, friendships…including the birth of a healthy baby boy, finding my perfect home in Atlanta, improving financially and aligning spiritually. It was pure therapy for my soul.”

    Dayna Bolden

    Atlanta, GA

  • It was funny how things came together for me & my boyfriend. I used to be controlling and he would get so frustrated. Without him knowing what I’ve learned, he brought up how he sees me now as a radiant woman, & it started convicting him & bringing him closer to God. I can see a big difference in him & I truly see with clarity now!

    BRAN B.

    Dallas, TX

  • “When I came in, I was trying to figure out how to find myself again and who was it that God created me to be. Everything that I’ve equipped myself with through the teachings has shown me that I have the freedom in Christ to accomplish anything my heart desires!"


    Atlanta, GA


Erin Marie Waller, MBA 

Erin Marie Waller, MBA, CEO of manifestHERdaily, is a Christian Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Teacher who this platform in 1999to help spiritual women who want MORE learn how to create a personal vision inspired by Christ, design powerful lives so they can experience deep satisfaction, and develop an intimate relationship with God that leads to transformational clarity. Together, we intentionally manifest HER – we keep Christ in the center as that’s the best way to show up daily.

With over 200,000 YouVersion Bible App subscribers and over 225,000 downloads of her popular I AM Beautiful Wild Free podcast, manifestHERdaily has touched thousands of women around the globe, fostering sisterhood, growth and community and inspiring women to create deeper, more satisfying, spiritual relationships with God.

Erin Marie is a seeker of God, a believer that with God anything is possible, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has been featured on ABC, is a Boss Women Media Woman of the Year, and an invited guest speaker at the ESSENCE Music Festival.

She enjoys teaching about the Biblical roots of mindset, meditation, the manifestation of God, and the curating of sacred spaces for rich community —like manifestHERdaily—that provide women with healing, elevation, and JOY. Follow Erin Marie @manifestHERdaily and @bwfwoman on Instagram.